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Mitch: A Bird in Hand is Worth Two in the Puss - TrikePatrol

Old sayings have a funny way of always ringing true, don’t they? They’ve stood the test of time and have been proven again and again. I’m not quite sure if I got the wording right, but you get the idea. Ok, wait, I just have to say this: If you’re still reading this after laying eyes on this absolute DOLL of a babe we have for you this week then something’s seriously wrong with you man. Nobody likes to read that much. Would you just LOOK at this fucking girl!

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Duration: 18mn 21s
Resolution: 1280x720

Antiguo 23-Jul-2016, 10:31
Phueng - CreampieTHAIS

Tall, slim, slender, oh my God this stick was made for my dick. Meet barely 18 year old, Phueng. She's ripe from the vine and this is her first appearance in an adult video.....ever. Phueng has the most adorable face with a button nose and big beautiful eyes. Her body is very lengthy with precious little B-Cup mounds with the perkiest little nipples. And her tiny little box is the cutest yet, with no hair, and small thin folds that attempt to block her tiny hole. It's by far one of the prettiest pussies I've seen in awhile. I just had to give it a lick. Maybe a nibble. Oh stop teasing you know I buried my face in that shit. I like my fruit ripe and fresh, and when I eat a peach....I'm messy! When her pussy was all moist and wet, I positioned my cock to penetrate her innocent fuck-hole. Not many have reached this far with young Phueng. She's a brand new star GoGo dancer at one of the newest and hottest GoGo bars in Pattaya. To get her short time is extremely difficult. Luckily I know the owner of the GoGo and struck a deal. Once my cock pushed inside her I knew I was home. This pussy will make me write checks forever. But she needs my baby first. After fucking Phueng's nubile pussy I finally unloaded my potent sticky cum deep inside her. I think this was her first creampie.....but not the last.

Size: 972 MB
Format: mpg
Duration: 24mn 18s
Resolution: 1920x1080

Antiguo 23-Jul-2016, 13:08
Moy - AsianStreetMeat

Moy spend hours in the beauty parlour. Because she is beautiful. Fucking incredible. She makes the best of herself, her face must be made up carefully and subtly. Her hair has multiple coats of conditioner, is soft, silky, straight and long. It flows over her shoulders and delicious micro tits. It has life and buoyancy. It is most important that hair be perfect. Also eye lashes and eyebrows. Eyebrows must be soft, thick and full, slightly tapered to the outer edges and with a definite stop in the middle. Equally important, and often seen is Moy's pubic hair. She has gorgeous lithe hips and a small pert bottom. Her vagina is clean well defined and not overly large. A nice shade of pink. But her pubic hair is her show piece. Jet black, medium short, and not curly, but wavy. Soft, thick in the middle. It can be brushed forwards a few inches, but it is usually curled casually so it sits neatly in the front of her panties, when she wears them. All this is done in the beauty parlour. They are not going to let you in, it is a girls' place, but you can look through the window. There are all the girls getting their hair done, and nails painted, spending good money on raising their net worth. And there will be Moy, lying on the raised bed, with one assistant applying makeup to her face, and another assistant gently combing her pubes. It is a rare sight at a beauty parlour, but an essential process for Moy. She knows that passers by look in. She is not shy. You would not be if you had a body and face like that. She is designed for showing off. When she is lying on my coffee table with my penis in her sweet pink vagina, she looks perfect. When she kneels on the floor sucking my penis, she gazes at the camera, and shows off her perfect face, with my cock in her gob.

Size: 570 MB
Format: mp4
Duration: 25mn 35s
Resolution: 1280x720

Antiguo 23-Jul-2016, 17:31
Merilyn: Teenage Tourist Attraction - TrikePatrol

Work? What’s that? In case you haven’t noticed, we here at TP love finding hot Filipina poonanny and sharing it with the World. Over the lifespan of this website, a handful of other guys have come along who share the same interest. They too have found the wisdom in Confucius’ sagely ice. And let’s just be honest here, banging tight Asian pussies is pretty good work if ya can get it. Especially in times like these.

Size: 166 MB
Format: mp4
Duration: 19mn 24s
Resolution: 1280x720

Antiguo 23-Jul-2016, 21:52
Meme - AsianSuckDOLLS

Holy Braces Batman. Talk about barely legal! Meet 18 year old Thai teenager Meme. This cute Thai Teen just got her very first job...good thing for me its at a gogo bar shaking her sweet little ass heheh. Now I usually stay away from girls with braces, because honestly the last thing I need is Meme accidently sneezing while blowing me and having her braces latch onto my cock. BUT, this petite Thai girl was so HOT, I just had to take the risk! This barely legal cock sucker really knows how to milk a dick dry. While Meme's mouth didn't want to let go of my cock, I had to sample a piece of that 18 year old Asian pussy. After pounding her Meme's innocent shaved cunt in multiple positions, I blew a massive load of cum all over her pretty little face and those cute braces! If you’ve got a fetish for barely legal Asian Teens, then you’re going to love 18 year old Meme.

Size: 267 MB
Format: wmv
Duration: 18mn 19s
Resolution: 720x480

Antiguo 24-Jul-2016, 05:26
Eaw - CreampieTHAIS

The little VIXEN is back and she's cocked, locked, and loaded...with sperm that is. Yes, one of the most sought after female models from Creampie Thais is right where I left her. Lying back spread eagle on the bed dripping the largest load from the most precious little cunt in Thailand. My teen goddess just loves to please Daddy and today is no exception. My emo teen doll is dreamy to look at and devilish to fuck. I slowly ease my hard cock into her silky womb, then thrust my hardon deep into her cherished pussy until I climax with an enormous burst of cum. Watch the most famous Walking Street hooker get fucked and filled with a sea of baby making sperm.

Size: 281 MB
Format: wmv
Duration: 11mn 14s
Resolution: 1280x720

Antiguo 24-Jul-2016, 09:56
Rhian: Top-notch Young Crotch - TrikePatrol

On this dark damp evening in Smutsville, Philippines, our resident patrolman Jonas set out on a lil’ moonlit LBFM hunt after a short rainstorm. Before even making it to the corner to hail a trike, Jonas runs into this gorgeous slender long-haired beauty walking down the dark backstreet near his hotel.

Size: 178 MB
Format: mp4
Duration: 20mn 33s
Resolution: 1280x720

Antiguo 24-Jul-2016, 18:31
Kung - AsianSuckDOLLS

HELP, I need medical attention! I need a doctor to help remove the smile off my fucking face. It all happened last week when I met 18 year old Thai slut Kung. She was wearing this HOT nurse's outfit with white stocking and red high heels. Damnit, I'm smiling already. So then 18 year old Kung exposes her totally amazing perky tits and I am all smiles. Finally she peels off the rest of her outfit and slowly kisses my stomach on her way down to my cock. She starts sucking my schlong and my grin is from ear to ear. Then, 18 year old Kung lies back and shows me her bald pussy. While smiling, I instantly plunge my cock into her smooth teen Asian cunt. Finally after exploring her vaginal walls with my smileometer, I pull out and shoot my cum all over Kung's 18 year old face.......and as each load splashes upon her open mouth, she's smiling!

Size: 223 MB
Format: wmv
Duration: 15mn 18s
Resolution: 720x480

Antiguo 25-Jul-2016, 15:19
Jennelyn: Spinner Training Day - TrikePatrol

Encouraged by seeing his “work” appear on the World’s most famous Filipina site a few weeks ago with his Charmaine video, Tourist Bob wanted to have another go at filming his vacation sexcapades for all to see. So earlier this week, he fired up his trusty tourist cam once again to capture the episode you now see before you. From the looks and body on this girl, it promises to be a jizz-puller. Get out that squeegee from your PC monitor’s boys.

Size: 183 MB
Format: mp4
Duration: 21mn 56s
Resolution: 1280x720

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