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Antiguo 25-Jul-2016, 21:01
Polly - CreampieTHAIS

Today was pure genius! One of my best productions ever! First, I must praise the entity who crafted the most spectacular vagina I have ever witnessed. The proud owner of this beautiful cunt is Polly, who is fresh out of the crayon box at the ripe age of 18. Polly's pussy is hairless, perfectly pink, and the size of an SD memory card. It's the tiniest pussy ever and it might be because Polly only weighs 81 lbs. I couldn't wait to drill her paper weight body. With a little lube, forward thrusting, and a whole lot of smiley/happy face I managed to sink my cock into the tightest pussy in Thailand. I'm amazed I lasted long enough to fuck Polly in several delightful ways before finally dumping the thickest load of semen into her flawless pussy.

Size: 292 MB
Format: mp4
Duration: 17mn 10s
Resolution: 960x720

Antiguo 26-Jul-2016, 05:30
Powder - AsianSuckDOLLS

Ohhh my Buddha! This weeks Asian Suck Doll might be the hottest ever! 18 years old? Spinner? Cumshot VIRGIN? Yea I think weve got ourselves a winner! Meet 18 year old Powder, one of the sexiest Thai girls my cock has ever had the chance to penetrate. If youre a frequent visitor to creampiethais.com you'll remember virgin powder getting a Creampie for the very first time. This time Powder graces the Asian Suck Dolls set to get her VERY FIRST FACIAL. Powder's blowjob technique isn't up to par with some of the more seasoned Thai whores featured on this site, but that tight teen body more than makes up for it. After poking her throat and bonking that sweet 18 year old pussy, it was time to give powder her very first facial cumshot, courtesy of Asian Suck Dolls!

Size: 254 MB
Format: wmv
Duration: 17mn 27s
Resolution: 720x480

Antiguo 26-Jul-2016, 17:59
Sara - CreampieTHAIS

Whoever the Arab man is who came to Thailand 19 years ago and dropped your sperm into some Thai woman...all I have to say is 'Thank you'. 18 year old half Arab / half Thai superstar Sara is why international breeding should be encouraged. This stunning sex nympho was designed specifically for SEX. She's good at it too, wait...no she's practically the best. We're talking cream of the crop. Perfect huge naturally titties. Perfect round bubble butt. And sexual skills that will boggle your mind and ask the question...how the fuck? I have no idea where she learned to do what she does, but I am not complaining. She rides my cock reverse cowgirl until I creampie her pussy.

Size: 554 MB
Format: wmv
Duration: 24mn 12s
Resolution: 720x480

Antiguo 27-Jul-2016, 10:28
Pocket Sized - Thainee

So this time I come out wearing a little orange sports outfit and I can tell what's on my boyfriend's mind. I usually wear something feminine and sexy but today I'm ready for some fitness. Or maybe some sexercise. Well he must be sex-crazed today because he fucked like never before in all the craziest positions. I was used like a complete Asian fuck doll as he tore up my little vagina. Finally he unloads a huge amount of his sperm into my mouth and all over my lips. Oh boy that was a lot of cum. Gulp.

Size: 215 MB
Format: mp4
Duration: 12mn 40s
Resolution: 960x720

Antiguo 27-Jul-2016, 20:11
Tauey - ThaiGirlsWild

Here is Tauey, she’s an 18 year old sexy little thai schoolgirl teen with nice perky little tits. Here she is looking so cute, still wearing her plaid miniskirt and high socks. She’s sucking cock and letting hard cock bang that hot little thai teen pussy! If you love teens, thai schoolgirls, and hot amateur thai sex, then Tauey and her bfs cock will fulfill your every desire! 1 extra little not, she’s 1 of my personal favorite thai teens on the famous site Thai Girls Wild.

Size: 317 MB
Format: mp4
Duration: 8mn 23s
Resolution: 1920x1080

Antiguo 28-Jul-2016, 08:49
Mylyn: Goo Gulping Goddess - TrikePatrol

Now, compared to the rest of Asia, the Filipinos speak the best English far and away. I mean, it’s really not even close. That is part of the big reason mongers love the place so much. The ability to actually relate and speak with the girls is huge. Especially if you’re used to places like Thailand and others where the non-sexual interaction leaves a lot to be desired. That said, don’t get fooled into thinking you’re going to hear a dissertation on quantum physics from one of your Filipina lady-friends anytime soon.

Size: 167 MB
Format: mp4
Duration: 24mn 23s
Resolution: 854x480

Antiguo 28-Jul-2016, 17:34
Pinki - AsianSuckDOLLS

There's literally a million and one ways to get laid in Thailand: Massage parlors, go-go bars, disco's, you name it. Well this Asian Suck Dolls update is truly unique. So im waiting my turn at a salon when 20 year old Thai babe Pinki approaches and asks me if I know of any way to keep her facial complexion smooth. Lucky for her my sperm holds magical facial cleansing properties ( its true ). I invite Pinki over to my place for a free sample. To show her appreciation Pinki gives me a sample of that sweet Thai vag! One look at Pinki's tight pussy and I knew how she got her name: her pussy is so tiny you can barely fit a pinky in it! After fucking that slit pussy every which way, a creamy eruption was unloaded onto Pinki's face. This cute Thai cocksucker went to the spa to get a facial cleansing, but what she got instead was a patented Asian Suck Dolls "skin rejuvenating facial".

Size: 182 MB
Format: wmv
Duration: 12mn 30s
Resolution: 720x480

Antiguo 29-Jul-2016, 16:07
Beem - ThaiGirlsWild

People ask me all the time what my favorite bar or GoGo is and every time I reply with 'Heaven Above.' It's notorious for having the most energetic teen superstars lighting up the stage with their perfect bodies and fuckable cunts. Last week I was there to celebrate a friend's birthday when I discovered 18 year old Beem. This girl had everything I like in a whore. Petite frame, braces, hairless pussy, and the innocence that doesn't even know what a condom is or does. I immediately skipped out of the party to fuck Beem and give her a fresh batch of aged whorist sperm deep into her youthful pussy.

Size: 383 MB
Format: wmv
Duration: 15mn 2s
Resolution: 1280x720

Antiguo 30-Jul-2016, 07:21
Ice: Pussy in Pigtails - TrikePatrol

That’s kinda like Puss ‘n boots, but without the boots. Um…ok…nevermind. So our newest member of the Trike Patrol team is busy cuttin’ his mongering teeth in Manila This week, he managed to pull a fresh-faced cutie named Ice. The only thing “cold” about her however, is her name. Everything else was smoldering hot as you are about to see in this video; especially that fresh young pussy of hers. Those pigtails she was sportin’ would’ve been great “handle-bars” for a vigorous skull-fuck, but she was a lil’ too timid for that, so we went easy on her this time. Maybe if we bring her back for an encore, eh?

Size: 161 MB
Format: mp4
Duration: 15mn 35s
Resolution: 852x480

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