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Antiguo 30-Jul-2016, 11:27
Fern - AsianSuckDOLLS

If you're a fan of Creampie Thais, then you no doubt recognize this beauty. Her name is Fern and she is a two time Creampie Thais model. After filling Fern's pussy with jizz twice, it was time for her pretty face to get a coat of cum. 21 year old Fern is soooo innocent looking that you'd never believe someone like her would be fucking on film. But yes, that's the beauty of what I strive for here each week at Asian Suck Dolls. After inspecting Fern's butterfly pussy lips with my mouth, it was time to let this sex starved Thai slut do what she does best: suck cock! After a mind blowing BJ, I was ready to pull out and shower Fern's face with sperm. But before the gooey finale, I had to penetrate one of my favorite Thai pussies of all time. A few position changes and my cock is ready to blow. This Asian cumaholic takes the load like a champ and says she actually prefers an oral creampie to a pussy creampie!

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Antiguo 30-Jul-2016, 12:34
Wunsook - AsianStreetMeat

Wunsook is a pliable sex toy. She looks good, feels good and gladly does what she is told. Her figure is fucking excellent, and even her tattoos are well done and beautiful. So after fucking her, I handcuffed her in the closet, fucked her mouth and came on her face. Then I locked her in the closet, ready for me to use when I feel like it. Unlock the video.

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Format: mp4
Duration: 27mn 37s
Resolution: 1280x720

Antiguo 30-Jul-2016, 15:46
Janine - CreampieTHAIS

Feast your eyes on arguably the HOTTEST Thai girl we have ever featured at Creampie Thais. Her name is Janine and she is a certified grade-a SUPERSTAR! I officially hit the Thai pussy jackpot with this one. I met 21 year old Janine at an after hours club, one thing led to another and before I know it this Thai stunner is in my hotel room modeling that sweet brown ass for me. Huh? Someone pinch me!! After a few minutes of admiring Janine's heart shaped ass I was ready to dive cock first into that sweet Thai pussy. This exotic Thai knows how to fuck; her beautiful ass and her amazing tits are the perfect combination for a hardcore fuck. After pounding Janine into submission, I was ready to blow my load deep inside one of the prettiest pussies in Thailand!

Size: 413 MB
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Antiguo 30-Jul-2016, 17:37
Shantal: Fast Food Feed ‘n Fuck - TrikePatrol

After getting out of my trike from the hotel, I met a pair of cute LBFM’s an that jeepney park area across from the strip. Looking like they had nowhere in particular to go, I asked if they’d wanna join me for some Happy Hornet fast food. Why of course they would, and judging by how skinny they were, it looked like the needed a good feed anyway. I love me some spinners!

Size: 206 MB
Format: mp4
Duration: 24mn 17s
Resolution: 1280x720

Antiguo 30-Jul-2016, 20:07
Phim - CreampieTHAIS

It's nice to know there are still some fresh teen princesses waiting to be inseminated. Phim is am 18 year old Coyote from one of the Walking Street Gogo bars. She's got a great face and a wonderful teen body. I had Phim walk around the room several times so I could gaze at her wonderful frame and mastermind all the dirty little things I was going to do to her. She paraded around nicely, removing parts of her Gogo outfits with each lap. First and foremost, I wanted to feel how well little Phim could suck my cock. Her bright pink lips opened to take the head of my cock into her mouth. Her cheap lipstick leavings trails of whore all down the sides of my shaft. At least it's not on my collar! Soon after I positioned Phim doggie style on the bed and entered her bare vagina from behind. This wasn't going to be a long session as my balls were warming up to the thought of cumming inside this barely legal teen. I flipped Phim over and entered her innocent hole once again and within a few minutes flooded her hairless pussy with all my jizz.

Size: 226 MB
Format: wmv
Duration: 10mn 1s
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Antiguo 31-Jul-2016, 05:31
Yaya - CreampieTHAIS

Holy puffy nipples Batman! This weeks Creampie Thais porn video features Yaya, a 19 year old University student from Bangkok. If you're a fan of big puffy nipples, then you're going to love this episode! This Hiso honey was *very* shy to start, but warmed up rather quickly. After fondling those massive Asian tits, it was time to let Yaya work her magic on my Yoyo. Thai Teen Yaya gives a great blowjob and you can really tell that this lil' Asian nympho LOVES the cock! She gets the cock stuffed every which way including missionary, while laying on her side, and doggystyle. After plugging Yaya's pussy full of cock, it was time to end today's creampies 101 lesson with a pussy full of cum! Now that's what I call hands on learning!

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Antiguo 31-Jul-2016, 11:27
Yvonny: Sizzling Pussisig! - Trikepatrol

You’re probably wondering just what in the hell is a “pussisig”… well, it’s nothing actually… Just something I made up ’cause I thought it sounded cool.. sue me. Anyway, I came up with the term when I met Yvonny at this little videoke resto bar type place. They’d already ordered food by the time I got there, something called sizzling sisig. It kinda looked like dog food though I dunno that I’d feed fried pig face to my dog, but w/e.. One of those Filipino cuisines that I’ll never take to.

Size: 223 MB
Format: mp4
Duration: 24mn 12s
Resolution: 852x480

Antiguo 31-Jul-2016, 18:05
Duang - ThaiGirlsWild

My balls told me to stop and drain the seed from them in anything wet and hot. Since I was in the neighborhood of Soi 6, I decided to take the lovely stroll towards the beach. Along the way there's hundreds of cock whores looking to suck you dry. Duang grabbed my hand and pulled me into her bar. Within minutes I was slamming my white cock into her bareback pussy and shooting my jism deep inside her. Now where was I going? Oh yeah, the beach!

Size: 331 MB
Format: wmv
Duration: 14mn 52s
Resolution: 1280x720

Antiguo 31-Jul-2016, 23:54
Sally: Field of Creams - TrikePatrol

I decided to ride out to the “Lahar Fields” on the outskirts of town here earlier this week for something different. It’s nice to get out in nature once in while and this area really offers a unique, “moon-like” landscape. It’s basically the dried up ash from the lava flows of the 1991 Mount Pinatubo eruption. It’s not exactly the best terrain for a trike, so I took my motorbike instead.

Size: 203 MB
Format: mp4
Duration: 23mn 33s
Resolution: 1280x720

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